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GameHub is a video game discovery web app that helps you find new and interesting games to play. With GameHub, you can search for games by platform, genre, and more.

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  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Chakra UI
  • React Query
  • Zustand
A set of dark themed components for the aero design system


    Developer Overview

    I am a versatile frontend developer skilled in crafting robust and user-centric applications using React and TypeScript. Proficient in building maintainable codebases with reusable function components, I excel in implementing styling techniques such as vanilla CSS, CSS modules, and CSS-in-JS.

    My effective management of component state using tools like `useState`, `useReducer`, and Zustand ensures optimal performance. Mastery of form handling, employing React Hook Forms and Zod for validation, enhances user input reliability.

    With a comprehensive understanding of both RESTful APIs and GraphQL, I seamlessly connect React applications to backend services, fostering smooth communication. Proficient in deploying applications to various hosting platforms, I broaden accessibility.

    Adhering to the latest best practices and clean coding principles, my advanced feature implementation, including React Query for data fetching, infinite scrolling, and React Router for routing, contributes to optimized application performance and maintainability.