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Dev Acers

DevAcers is a dynamic developer community platform inspired by Stack Overflow, where passionate developers can seamlessly share and seek knowledge. The platform fosters collaboration, providing features such as asking questions, providing answers, rating content, and global search. Users can log in using Google and Github authentication, update their profiles, and explore other users' profiles.

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  • Next.js 14
  • Tailwind CSS
  • MongoDB with Mongoose
  • Clerk Auth for Google and Github login
  • TypeScript
  • Shadcn UI components
A set of dark themed components for the aero design system


      DevAcers is a dynamic developer community platform with key features such as the ability to ask and provide answers to questions, rate content, perform global searches, and log in seamlessly with Google and Github using Clerk Auth. Users can also update their profiles and explore other users' profiles. The technologies employed in building DevAcers include Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB with Mongoose, Clerk Auth for authentication, Tiny Editor, TypeScript, PrismJS for code blocks, React Hook Form, and Shadcn UI components. As the sole creator of the project, I completed the Next.js course by JS Mastery Pro and actively contribute to ongoing development, with plans for future features like Question Details and Voting. Contributions, bug reports, and suggestions are encouraged—feel free to create a pull request and contribute to enhancing this community-driven platform together! 🚀